alarmspyComprises of a miniature automatic telephone dialer and camera which utilises the GSM mobile phone network.Operates with any SIM card and 12v battery or mains supply.Can be connected to any alarm control panel or any internal or external intruder detectors (eg beams, pir, door switches)When an intruder is detected up to eight numbers can be dialed or texed and an emergency message is played to summon help.A built in microphone allows the site to listened in to over the phone.The alarm spy can be dialed into from ANYWHERE in the world to listen into the site at any time.The camera can be monitored at 1 frame per second by any GSM mobile phone or any PC over GPRS.If fitted to vehicles or machinery the camera alarm  can be tracked over the GSM network if stolen.

Ideal for isolated buildings, yards, stables, boats, trailers, plant etc

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